How It Works


What is a Break?

A break in short, is a way to divide up a box, case (several boxes) or even a pack of sport cards or even memorabilia. All of our breaks are streamed and taped via YouTube and Breakers.TV so you can enjoy the break in real time!!


Why Should I Break?

Breaking has several benefits to the collector. One of the main benefits for a collector is to get a chance at very high-end cards for minimal investments. Some Cases of Cards can cost up to $3,000, but on you can buy a piece of the case for significantly less.  Another main benefit is it helps add to your personal collection, if you want to collect certain teams/players you can ensure that you only get cards you want from a break.


How do you Divide up the Breaks?

The Most Common way to divide up a break is by team/division. So you would buy a specific team/division in a break and receive the "shippable" cards from that break associated with your team.  Each team/division will have a different price based on the cards available in the break. The benefit of this style is that you can collect certain team/players.

Another way to break is through random team/division breaks.  This style requires you to buy a random slot. The team will then be random-offed via Random.Org. We will roll a die live (if it is less that 3 we will re roll) and that will determine the number of times we randomize the team list. After we randomize the team list the appropriate amount of times, we will match it up to the corresponding person. For example, if we roll a 6 on the die, we will randomize an alphabetical list of the teams 6 time using If the New York Jets are the 5th team on that list, the person who purchased the 5th slot will receive the Jets in the break. The benefit of this style of break is that you can get a much higher valued team for an even cheaper investment. We do allow trading team/divisions in these breaks and it will have to be completed within the chat of the video up to 5 minutes before the start of the break. Trades must be confirmed by both participants.


How do I buy a spot in a Break?

  1. Buy a spot - Find a break you like and see if your team is available. Each Break Page will have a description of the particular set including (set hits, pictures, and hit rates). If your team is there, select from the drop down menu and press "add to cart"
  2. Checkout – After you have selected all the breaks you would like to purchase. Go to your cart and checkout using any of our many payment options.

What are the Rules of the Breaks?

The winner of the card will be determined by the team on the card.  

If there are several team/players on a card, each team present on the card will receive two spots in our randomizer. We will roll a die live on camera (if it is less that 3 we will re roll) and that will determine the number of times we randomize the team list. The team that ends in the top spot will receive the card.

For athletes no longer playing and cards/memorabilia with no teams shown, the winning team will be the team the athlete played the most games with.

For athletes still active and cards/memorabilia with no teams shown, the winning team will be the current team as of the date of the break.

For players with college jerseys on, the winning team will be the team that drafted them.  If the player was undrafted or not drafted yet, the card will be random-offed to the entire break.

For defunct teams or teams that have moved, the winning team will be that of the most recent franchise move. Please see links below for reference.

MLB Defunct and Relocated

NBA Defunct   NBA Relocated    

NFL Defunct  NFL Relocated

NHL Defunct and Relocated

Any point cards will be random-offed to the entire break at the end of the break.

The following cards will ship:  “Hits”, which include Relics, Autographs, #ed , and Inserts. Top Rookies (Chosen by Golden Breakers) may also be shipped. 


How do I get my Cards?

Shipping Prices are included in the cost of the break, all cards will be processed within 1-3 days and allow 3-4 business days for cards to be shipped. We ship USPS and all your hits (jerseys, auto, low numbered) get put in both penny sleeves and top loaders and are shipped in a bubble mailer. If you would like your cards shipped with insurance please contact us for additional cost. 


What is a Staxx?

There is a pile of 95 Cards, with each one of these cards being a relic or auto card. There are 10 “Chaser Cards” or Higher Value Cards that you will have a chance of winning on top of your regular cards.

How Does It Work?

You buy one or multiple pulls. In the notes section at checkout, you let us know which number card(s) you want to buy.  During the live stream we count through the pile of cards and show you what you have won and if you have won a "Chaser Card".  Eg)  You buy 3 pulls and tell us 5, 10, 15.  We would then count 5 cards first, show you the card you've won and check if it also won a chaser.  Then count 10 cards, etc.  You will know you've won a chaser because there will be a sticker on the back of the card telling you so.

Personal Boxes

A personal box is a box all to yourself. When purchasing a box you must identify how you want it shipped. If you want us to break it live for you you must follow the instruction on the box page. At that point you can tell us if you want all your cards shipped, or just the hits, which we will package up for you. If you want the joy of opening your own packs we can ship the box fully sealed and you can have it in a couple days, but of course don’t forget to tag us on social media with pictures of the big hit you pull.


Why am I still reading this and not buying into my first Break?

That’s a great question, check out our current Breaks now!