Baseball / Football Staxx

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Baseball / Football Staxx

Join us for a Baseball / Football Staxx live!

What is a Staxx?

There is a pile of 100 Cards, with each one of these cards being a relic or auto card. There are 10 “Chaser Cards” or Higher Value Cards that you will have a chance of winning on top of your regular cards.

How Does It Work?

You buy one or multiple pulls. In the notes section at checkout, you let us know which number card(s) you want to buy.  During the live stream we count through the pile of 100 Cards and show you what you have won and if you have won a "Chaser Card".  Eg)  You buy 3 pulls and tell us 5, 10, 15.  We would then count 5 cards first, show you the card you've won and check if it also won a chaser.  Then count 10 cards, etc.  You will know you've won a chaser because there will be a sticker on the back of the card telling you so.

Staxx Remaining


# Cards Left 22
# Chasers Left 2




# Cards Left 79
# Chasers Left 7



What are the "Chaser Cards"?

You have a chance of winning the following cards:

Football (red has been pulled)

Walter Payton Record Breakers Game Used Jersey Relic
Phillip Rivers/Gates/Ryan Mathew Triple Game Used #ed to 299 Relic
Odell Beckham/C. Latimer/P.Richards Triple Game Used #ed to 36 Relic
Lawrence Taylor Game Used Jersey Relic
Tommie Harris Auto #ed to 699 on Manufactured Helmet Relic
Steve Smith & Roddy White Dual Game Used Card #ed to 49
Chris Carter Jumbo Patch #ed to 49 Relic
Mike Davis Rookie Booklet Dual Game Used Relic #ed to 199
Jameis Winston / Rashad Greene Dual Game Used #ed to 249
Devonte Freeman/Carlos Hyde/Tre Masonl #ed 149 Six Game Used

Baseball (red has been pulled)

Don Mattingly Commemorative Patch
Mark Teixeira/Jim Edmonds Game Bats #250
CC Sabathia /Jermaine Dye Dual Game Used #ed to 350
Randy Johnson Game Used
Tony Gwynn Game Used #ed 25
Willie Mays MLB Debut Medallion
Brandon Phillips Games Used/ Auto
Whitey Ford Dual Game Used Auto #ed 25
Michael Jordan Game Used Bat Relic
Josh Donaldson Tier One Game Used Jersey #ed to 331


Pulls will be done in the order of purchase.  Purchasing through the website will give you priority in the pulls.  You may also make additional purchases during the live chat of the Staxx by messaging us and paying through PayPal.

There will be an initial list on the live stream informing you of the order of your pull.

It will conclude once all Chaser Cards have been given out.  If you have remaining pulls left, you will be refunded.

All cards  you win include FREE SHIPPING.